Knox Box Program


Sunriver Fire & Rescue Partnered With Knox

Knox Box  is a secure key box located near your main entry that contains a house key for the fire department. Should you have a medical emergency, fire, gas leak, etc., Sunriver Fire & Rescue would be able to access your house without breaking down the door. When seconds matter, a Knox Box provides immediate and affordable access to your home.


The perfect fit for part-time residents

Don't live in Sunriver full time? You're not alone. But your fire department will always have access for emergencies, even when you are in a different state! With extreme temperatures, we see our fair share of frozen pipes and gas leaks during the winter. With a Knox Box installed, you can rest assured that your fire department will always have access to your home when you need it most.


Interested? You can purchase here!

Click the link below to go directly to Sunriver Fire's Knox website and purchase from our approved catalog, and will be keyed for our department's district.