Home Safety Inspections

How Safe Is My Home?

How safe is my home? What type of fire extinguisher do I need in my home? Do I need to have a smoke alarm in every room or what supplies should I have in my home in the event of a natural disaster? These are all very common questions that residents and homeowners have about safety within their home, but maybe never had the opportunity to ask.  The opportunity to not only ask those questions but have personalized advice specific to your home and needs is now available from your fire department.

The Sunriver Fire Department has announced a new public education and safety program which is available to the Sunriver residential community.  The home safety check program is designed to be a preventative tool for common fire and life safety hazards including: electrical, heating and cooking hazards as well as fall and injury prevention. Since there is no requirement for fire inspections in private residences, a home safety check is not conducted with the mindset of enforcement.  The purpose of the program is to identify hazards and educate the homeowner about any identified hazards.      

​Fire and life safety problems are easiest to resolve before they occur.   If you are interested in having a free home safety check performed on your home, please contact the Sunriver Fire Department at 541-593-8622 to make an appointment.  The program is available to all homes within Sunriver including condominiums and townhomes.  On average, a home safety check will take approximately 30 minutes for our staff to complete with you.